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Michael Jackson MTV Pepsi Commercial

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

On this date 25 years ago, March 27, 1983, Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercial the “New Generation” premiered on MTV. Directed by Bob Giraldi, the commercial features the King of Pop dancing on set with a young Carlton from the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (Alfonso Ribeiro) to an altered version of Billie Jean:

Shortly after this commercial, on January 27, 1984, Michael Jackson would perform another Pepsi Commercial spot with his brothers, which was part of Pepsi’s ‘New Generation’ campaign, using a reworked "Billie Jean" track.

After a pyrotechnic accident, the pop star's hair caught on fire on the set of the ‘Convention’ commercial. Jackson was treated for second and third degree burns and the advert has gone on to become synonymous with the incident.

Here is the finished commercial which aired after the accident and was one of many Pepsi commercials he would shoot by himself and with his brothers:

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