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Exclusive Tribute Groups

PopShoppes Exclusive Tribute Groups are created to organize global fan communities. The Internet is moving away from gathering information and towards connecting people.

We live in a world where politics have people divided. A new approach is needed to turn challenges into opportunities. Pop Culture is the universal language that can bring global communities together and keep the spirit of these great icons alive. American Pop Culture is Global Pop Culture.

PopShoppes aims to organize these communities starting with Classic Pop Culture. The inaugural groups comprise the "Mount Rushmore" of iconic legends, which are the “Ambassadors” of Classic Pop Culture: Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Steve McQueen, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Feel free to join some or all of the Exclusive Tribute Groups that interest you! In addition to original host content, we will be organizing group contests with prize giveaways! As the original members of the Exclusive Tribute Groups, you the fans will be building the communities and making connections with other fans around the world that share your interests!

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